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One-Day Dental Crowns from our Petaluma & Novato Cosmetic Dentists

Creating beautiful smiles for our patients is our mission and our passion; our dedication to comprehensive oral care and wellness is reflected in the high-quality services and treatments we provide. We are proud to offer our community the benefits of same-day CEREC crowns in Petaluma, CA. CEREC stands for Chair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics and provides patients with new, custom dental crowns in just one visit. It is a convenient way to restore teeth to full health and beauty.

Why Choose CEREC Crowns-in-a-Day?

Advances in dental technology have provided for huge benefits in the field of cosmetic dentistry; more patients are able to get comprehensive, custom dental treatment and prosthetics that deliver long-term results. CEREC enables Dr. DeBerardinis and her team to oversee and execute the entire dental crown/ tooth restoration procedure, from start to finish, within a single visit. Hillcrest Dental Group uses computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology to capture 3-D images of your teeth and jaw structure. Dr. DeBerardinis is then able to accurately create and place your dental crown all within a single appointment at our Petaluma dental office.  

Getting CEREC Crowns

A single day procedure, CEREC involves the following:

• We provide you with an anesthetic to ensure that you are comfortable during treatment
• Any damaged teeth are cleaned and prepared for crown(s)
• Dr. DeBerardinis takes a 3D scan of your teeth
• Your new crown is created in CEREC’s milling unit, based off the information from your scan
• The crown is glazed and then baked in an oven
• Your finished crown is placed on your existing tooth and bonded with cement.

CEREC crowns are made to perfectly match the shape and color of your natural teeth – the finished outcome is a beautifully restored smile, where no one can tell which tooth has a restoration.

The Benefits of CAD/CAM Technology

CEREC utilizes digital mapping technology, which doesn’t require the use of standard impressions, making the process more comfortable than traditional dental impressions, which were required for normal crowns. The accuracy with which the imaging equipment produces a map of your mouth allows for an ideal outcome. This same-day dental procedure also prevents the need for our patients to endure temporary crowns while their finalized prosthetic is made in a lab.
CEREC is a long-term investment in your oral health and function. The materials used, as well as the accuracy of digitally guided restorations, have reduced the amount of follow-up work, bite adjustments or alignments. Our ceramic restorations' composition and strength allow them to blend easily with your natural teeth, in appearance and function.

Get Same-Day Cosmetic Dentistry with CEREC Crowns

We want you to get the best in cosmetic dental care and restorative dental treatment. Contact Hillcrest Dental Group today to learn more about getting a CEREC dental crown in Petaluma, CA.

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