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Visit Hillcrest Dental Group in Petaluma for your Family Dental Needs

Hillcrest Dental Group offers exceptional family dental care in Petaluma; our patients enjoy knowing that their entire family can be treated for any dental concerns at our friendly dental office. Oral hygiene and tooth care are the primary concern of all dentists, but our family dental office also offers compassionate care, convenience, and peace of mind for young and mature patients alike.

Why Choose a Family Dentist?

Our Petaluma family dentists develop patient relationships built on trust, which makes your dental care experience comfortable, and helps ease the fears of anxious children. Delivering comprehensive dental care for children and adults requires continuing education. With Hillcrest Dental Group, you can be confident in our skills and experience; we take continuing education courses in order to keep our skills sharp and to learn new procedures to benefit your oral health.Family Dentistry

Treatment from our family dental office includes:

• Convenient Appointments - We make it easy for you to make appointments for more than one family member in a single visit.

• Preventive Dentistry – Routine teeth cleanings, sealants, and fluoride rinses to strengthen and protect teeth

• Composite Fillings – Our restorative dental treatments are designed to be cosmetically appealing, no matter what your age.

We have served the city of Petaluma for over five decades and can recommend appropriate therapies based on your family history; being able to detect dental issues that affect generations is key to preventing continued problems.

Caring Dentistry for Children

We welcome children as young as the age of two and encourage regular checkups, not only to address any current problems, but to educate your child on the importance of oral health care and proper cleaning habits. Toddlers and children are instructed on the most effective methods of brushing their teeth, as well as how to floss and rinse properly.

We view your child’s dental visit as a chance to allow you to learn more about how to help your child keep up excellent dental habits at home. Our family dentists advise on appropriate care, dietary habits, and what to expect as your child grows. Bringing children to the dentist early-on gives them a chance to adjust and become comfortable in our dental office. At Hillcrest Dental Group, we’re prepared to make your child's dental visit as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Visit Us for Petaluma Family Dentistry

For more information on dental services for every member of your family, or to schedule an appointment, contact Hillcrest Dental Group today!

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